Mission statement

To promote and further canine training and handler education and fellowship, including, but not limited to, agility training for dogs and handlers.


1.  Promote dog training through positive reinforcement (rewards)

2.  Educate the public about dog agility training

3.  Conduct agility classes to improve dog and handler skills

4.  Encourage the training of agility judges

5.  Host American Kennel Club (AKC) and North American Dog Agility Council (NADAC) competitions

6.  Promote cooperation and good sportsmanship in agility training and competition


K9X contributions to the community include:

  • Offering beginning agility classes free of charge to rescue organizations. For many dogs, additional training and skills provide a better chance of finding their “forever home.”
  • Holding agility demonstrations at community outreach events, which help to educate the public about responsible dog training and ownership.
  • Donating pet food and human food to community food banks. Each year we organize collections from our members for food banks, as well as other items needed for local animal shelters and non-profits.
  • Donating money to Austin-area, dog-related non-profit organizations. (Please note that we are not a grant-making organization and do not accept proposals or solicitations.)