Club Expectations

Austin K-9 Xpress is a club run solely by volunteers, and our members are expected to contribute in a meaningful way to the club. Some examples of how our members contribute include:

  • Doing field maintenance, like pulling weeds, mowing, or changing lightbulbs
  • Doing equipment maintenance, like repair work or painting
  • Volunteering at trials and events by making food, taking photos, or working at the event
  • Technical support, like updating our website, wiki pages, or social media accounts
  • Serving on a board position like secretary or treasurer

Our members are also expected to attend club meetings regularly, since business cannot be voted on if enough members aren’t present.

Non-members can train at our field for up to 4 months before deciding whether or not to become a member.

If you would prefer a location to simply attend classes and don’t need field access outside of class time or if you don’t want to contribute as a club member, we can recommend some private trainers in the greater Austin area. Please email if you have questions or need information.

Club members at the field


Non-Club Members

  • Beginner classes are $150 and generally last 8 weeks. More information can be found on the Beginner class page.
  • If you and your dog have prior agility experience, you may join a different class level after passing an evaluation. These classes cost $100 per 2 months. After 4 months, non-members must apply for club membership or stop taking classes.
    • Evaluations test you and your dog’s ability to operate safely on the field with other dogs.
  • Wikazri is a leash-free dog park owned and operated by another group. Non-Wikazri members must keep their dogs on a leash at all times walking from the parking lot to the agility field. If you would like information about becoming a member of Wikazri Canine Sports Field, contact Kim by email or through Facebook.

Payment for non-members is generally made by check. Checks should be made payable to “Austin K9 Xpress Agility Club” and brought in-person to your class.

To become a member, you will be required to get sponsorship from two current club members. Joining a class is a great way to get to know us before you decide! Once you get two sponsors, your membership application will be voted on at our club meeting, which can take some time as meetings are held four times a year.

If you have questions about the evaluation, the membership process, or need a copy of the membership form, please email

Club Members

Once you become a member, annual dues are $30 for each human family member, payable January 1. Your annual dues will be prorated the year you join the club.

Field Usage Fees are an additional fee for members who want to train at our field – this includes taking classes or training independently. You may pay $18 per month or $50 per quarter.

  • There is no extra fee for multiple dogs.
  • Additional family members and all dependents living in the same household who want to train at the field pay an additional half of the usage fee ($9 a month or $25 per quarter). They must also be members of the club.

Our fees are used to maintain equipment, purchase new equipment, cover rent and insurance costs, purchase annual member accomplishment awards, and maintain this web site.

K9X Club membership also allows members who are current on their Field Usage Fees to use the leash-free dog park, Wikazri, adjacent to the field.

Current club members may pay dues and/or usage fees online.