Rules & Fees

Code of Conduct

The safety of people and dogs is our highest priority:

  • Beginners should follow their instructor’s training recommendations and not use any equipment in a manner not appropriate for their dog.
  • The use of the club’s equipment by dogs not yet trained in agility and use by children and adults who are not members or class participants is strictly prohibited.
  • Dogs must be under the owner’s control at all times. Dogs must be crated or in exercise pens if not training or held by owner on a leash. The club reserves the right to excuse off the property any dog that demonstrates aggression against people or other dogs.
  • People using the agility field agree to maintain the site while they are using it, including: picking up dog waste, returning any stored equipment to its proper place, and ensuring any equipment is returned to a safe height and position on the field.
  • The club requests that bitches in season not be worked on the agility field. Visiting instructors can allow bitches in season in their classes, but the bitches in season may only be worked on the field while attending these special classes.
  • Austin K9 Xpress and Wikazri are not responsible for injuries to people or dogs using the agility training field or equipment.
  • All people using the agility field are required to fill out a release-of-liability form.

Assistance before/during/after classes:

  • People taking classes are asked to assist with either setting up or taking down equipment, preferably both.
  • During classes, participants should assist the trainers and other class participants by setting jumps and by rearranging equipment as needed.
  • If you are the last to leave, please make sure the lights are turned off and the gates are locked.

Be courteous to our neighbors:

  • K-9 Xpress agility is located in a residential area. Please do your best to keep your dog’s barking under control.
  • Barking dogs are not permitted to use the field between the hours of 10PM and 8AM.
  • If you are the last to leave, please make sure the lights are turned off.

Wikazri Canine Sports Field:

  • Please use the grass outside the agility ring for potty breaks and to exercise your dog.
  • Only club members who are current on field usage fees and/or members of Wikazri Canine Sports Field may use the dog park leash-free.

People using the field, whether members or non-members, whether on their own or during a formal class, agree to abide by the club’s rules and code of conduct.

K9 Xpress member running as their dog comes out of a tunnel


Non-Club Members

  • Beginner classes are $150 and generally last 8 weeks. More information can be found on the Beginner class page.
  • If you and your dog have prior agility experience, you may join a different class level. These classes cost $100 per 2 months. After 4 months, non-members must apply for club membership or stop taking classes. Contact for the membership application form.
  • Wikazri is a leash-free dog park owned and operated by another group. Non-Wikazri members must keep their dogs on a leash at all times walking from the parking lot to the agility field. If you would like information about becoming a member of Wikazri Canine Sports Field, contact Kim by email or through Facebook.

Payment for non-members is generally made by check. Checks should be made payable to “Austin K9 Xpress Agility Club” and brought in-person to your class.

Club Members

Annual dues are $30 for each human family member, payable January 1.

Field Usage Fees are an additional fee for members who want to train at our field. You may pay $18 per month or $50 per quarter.

  • There is no extra fee for multiple dogs.
  • Additional family members and all dependents living in the same household pay an additional half of the usage fee ($9 a month or $25 per quarter).

Membership fees are used to maintain equipment, purchase new equipment, cover rent and insurance costs, purchase annual member accomplishment awards, and maintain this web site.

K9X Club membership also allows members who are current on their Field Usage Fees to use the leash-free dog park, Wikazri, adjacent to the field.

There are multiple ways to pay annual dues or field usage fees for club members:

  • Cash or checks (made out to “Austin K9 Xpress Agility Club”) can be dropped off in the black mailbox in the smaller/old shed. If leaving cash, please be sure to also leave a note with your name.
  • Checks (made out to “Austin K9 Xpress Agility Club”) can be mailed to P.O. Box 150035, Austin, TX 78715.
  • Online payments can be made as well. Be sure to choose the correct options for fees.