For new-to-agility dogs and handlers (humans)

What to expect

This class is for dog-handler teams that are new to the sport of agility. The focus is on obstacle familiarization, confidence building, and foundational focus and handling skills. Class meets for 8 weeks and is typically offered twice a year–in the fall and late winter/early spring.

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Prerequisite: Dog participants must be at least 12 months old and be able to reliably come to the handler when called, focus on the handler in a distracting environment, and share the class field with other dogs and people safely.  

Target Audience:

This class is for dog/handler teams that are new to the sport of agility. Handlers (humans) should be eager to learn and want to have fun with their dog. Dogs should be able to pay attention to their handlers on-leash with distractions and off-leash with no distractions or minimal distractions.[/vc_column_text]


We hold a series of 1-hour classes over the course of approximately 8 weeks. Classes will be held on a particular day of the week as determined by the instructor. Sometimes we offer multiple class options (for example: a weekend option and a weekday night option). If that is the case, you can choose whichever session works better for your schedule – but you may only attend the class time you registered for. You can’t bounce between the classes.

We keep our class sizes to a minimum so that you get more of the instructor’s attention and feedback. Our classes are typically fewer than 10 dog/handler teams.

Policy for make-up classes:

If the instructor cancels class (e.g., due to weather), a make-up class will be offered. The instructor will communicate with you the make-up date and time.

If class is held but a student is unable to attend, the instructor will not offer a “make-up” class, so please be sure the series works with your schedule before registering.


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