For new-to-agility dogs and handlers (humans)

dog receiving praise from handlerSPRING 2019 BEGINNER CLASS HAS ALREADY STARTED!


Interested in agility but never done it before? Join one of our beginner classes and you will learn learn foundation skills training and get an introduction to all of the basic agility obstacles. An example of what you’ll learn is below.

Fall 2019 class information will be posted in late summer.

Have fun with your dog and deepen your bond at the same time.

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— Example Description of K9X Beginner Agility Class —


The class series is scheduled for 8 classes in 8 weeks. Please note there may be weather delays, local agility trial conflicts, or instructor scheduling conflicts that may prolong the length of the series. If there is an agility trial, you are encouraged to attend these competitions so you can see where all your hard work can take you!

We cover foundation skills training & introduce agility obstacles. Please review the dates & ensure that this class fits your schedule before registering.

Goals for Beginner class:

For the first 2-3 classes, we will build foundation skills needed before we can start agility-specific training:
(1) learn theory and application of positive reinforcement (clicker) training,
(2) become more relevant and valuable to our dogs so they pay attention to us, &
(3) accustom our dogs to the class environment.

In weeks 3-8, we will introduce dogs and handlers (that’s you!) to the main skills needed for agility:
(1) teach handlers (humans) how to apply positive reinforcement (clicker) training to agility,
(2) introduce dogs to agility equipment in a fun and safe manner,
(3) start building obstacle drive (the dog’s desire to do the obstacle),
(4) introduce handlers to “dog-side” handling, &
(5) teach handlers two methods for changing direction on a course.


The dog/handler team must have basic obedience & manners, such as an ability to be on leash, sit, down, stay, and come (recall). The dog should be able to focus on the handler (human) in a class setting. Dogs with previous experience in obedience, manners, tricks, canine good citizen (CGC), or similar group classes tend to excel in our Beginner agility class.

There is no requirement of the owner or the dog to know obstacles or the rules of agility before attending class.

Target Audience:

This class is for dog/handler teams that are new to the sport of agility. Handlers (humans) should be eager to learn and want to have fun with their dog. Dogs should be able to pay attention to their handlers on-leash with distractions and off-leash with no distractions or minimal distractions.


8 classes for an hour each over the course of approximately 8 weeks. Classes will be held on a particular day of the week as determined by the instructor. Sometimes we offer multiple class options (for example a weekend option and a weekday night option). If that is the case, you can choose whichever session works better for your schedule – but you may only attend the class time you registered for. You can’t bounce between the classes.


To make adequate progress in the class, students MUST be able to attend the first class and at least 5 of the 8 regularly scheduled classes.

Policy for make-up classes:

If class is held but a student is unable to attend, the instructor will not offer a “make-up” class. If the instructor cancels class (e.g., due to weather), a make-up class will be offered. The instructor will communicate with you the make-up date and time.


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