Congrats to the NADAC Trial competitors!


A huge thank you to everyone who made our March 1-3 NADAC trial rock this year! Bob, we love the home made treats you gave us! Thank you to everyone who made human treats for our workers too! And of course, we couldn’t even have a trial if it weren’t for the Trial Committee and the people who volunteered to load, unload, and drive the truck to the venue.

On top of that, we had several folks donate High in Trial (HIT) awards. Thank you to:

  • Jan Daley & Luna the Tailless Wonder
  • Courtney Keys, Walter, and Francine
  • Shari Kolding and Walter
  • Emily Shryock
  • Jaime Davis and Eddie
  • Julia York and Luna
  • Debbie LaJoie, Diva, Tinkerbell, and Cody
  • Pat Rathbun and Beau
  • Becky Saltwick and Wiggin
  • Jodie Gates and Abby
  • Lauren Goldberg & Ziva


We’ve got pictures posted in several places, courtesy of super awesome people. Lauren Goldberg took photos of several dogs in the Intro classes. If you entered in that level, be sure to check them out! Riley Nygren took a bunch of videos of teams and uploaded them to Dropbox. Of course, we have photos on our Facebook and Instagram pages too.

And SOXMAXX Gallery shared their amazing photos with us too! Be sure to support them by purchasing a few to hang on your wall.


We had FOUR teams earn NADAC’s Championship Title, NATCH, this weekend!

  • Cody and Ric Bonner
  • Dublin and Marcy Matties
  • Sighead and Robert Stewart
  • Zumi and Mick Rosiles

Our High in Trial award winners were:

  • HIT Dachshund: Tie between Ragni’s Ivy and Sammie
  • HIT Versatile  Champion: Zumi and Micki Rosiles
  • HIT Tailess Dog: Wilson and Maureen Lemke
  • HIT 4 or 8 Inch: Lupe and Kim Galusha
  • HIT Rescued Herding Breed: Cody and Ric Bonner
  • HIT All American: Shadow and Rosie Blodgett
  • HIT Dog over 50 Lbs: Trypp and Desiree Pratt
  • HIT Dog over 9 years: Rocket Man and Robert Stewart
  • HIT Novice Handler: Luna and Julia York
  • HIT Border Collie or BC Mix: Odie and Marcy Matties
  • HIT Rescued Dog: Dublin and Marcy Matties
  • HIT Pit Mix: Joanna Cordry and Captain Marvel

And one of our favorite awards is the “Dogs Just Wanna Have Fun award (the Toby Award)”, which is sponsored by Shari Kolding. This year the winner was Jodie Gates and Abby!


"Big" Luna won the High in Trial Novice Handler award. Luna shows off all of her ribbons.

“Big” Luna won the High in Trial Novice Handler award. Look at all of those ribbons!!